Wedding Photography

Photographing a wedding is an awesome responsibility.  Thank you for considering MarkE Photography for this important part of your plans.

Even though I really enjoy working out the details of posed pictures that show the beauty of the people and surroundings involved, I think the most important work I do for my clients is recording the expressions and emotions all around you on their wedding day. Those are the images that will warm hearts over the years. One of many examples of an image like that is show below.  Nobody knew he was going to pause right after the ceremony and admire the ring on his hand. The result was one of his bride's favorite images of the wedding.  I didn't know the fist bump in the second image was going to happen either. And who could have planned for everyone else to smile with such approval? Sometimes it's the people in the background who make the moment, so don't overlook them.

After looking through the emotion in my portfolio, be sure to visit the pages linked at the bottom for more details about my work and how I can help you. 

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